Mobile Robot MR10S


Mobile Robot MR10S

The Mobile Robot MR10S is a combination of the reliable automated guided vehicle L1200S and a collaborative robot, completing the Grenzebach logistics fleet.

Grenzebach Mobile Robots are completely safe for personnel to operate and can easily be integrated in the Factory of Tomorrow. The MR10S can handle weights up to 10 kilograms and reach a distance of 1.3 meters at extremely high positioning accuracy. The Mobile Robot assists the employee and eliminates exhausting and ergonomically unfavorable work steps.

When the MR10S is in man-robot mode, it is 100% safe to surrounding personnel; switching over to operating mode in the protected zone, meaning not directly accompanied by people, it releases its energy for highly precise and quick work. Energy is provided to the robot without inductive transfer, appropriately and lifetime optimized.

The Grenzebach Fleet Manager coordinates all transportation tasks completely autonomously.

  • AGV with 6 axis robot
  • Reach: 1300mm
  • Stopping accuracy(robot): ≧ ± 0.2mm
  • Adaptable gripper technology perfectly suited for the product
  • Various loading concepts
  • Highly flexible path programming
  • Safe 360° all- round view
  • Battery type: AGM or lithium ion technology
  • Battery charging: Contact-free automatic intermediate charging or contact-based quick charging
  • Brake: Electromagnetic – spring applied/electric release
  • Navigation: Laser, induction, camera guidance
  • Dimensions:
  • Height: 600mm (platform)
  • Length: 1240mm
  • Width: 690mm
  • Turning radius: Stationary point, optimum radius r = 1.4 m
  • Payload: Up to 10 kg for a load center at 6000mm
  • Speed(empty): 0.02 – 1.0 m/s
  • Speed(loaded): 1.0 m/s
  • Travel: Forward and  reverse
  • Stopping accuracy (AGV) :  ± 10mm
  • Overall weight: 350 kg