Automatic guided vehicle AGV L1200S


Automatic guided vehicle AGV L1200S

The intelligent L1200S, extremely low in design, moves under the load carriers to lift and transport them to the defined destination.

A Grenzebach fleet manager computes, determines and realizes the routing based on contour navigation.




The Automated Guided Vehicle is a completely intrinsically safe system, also thanks to two certifed laser scanners. The L1200S can therefore navigate in areas occupied by pedestrians or other vehicles. With its 1.2 tons payload the vehicle can transport 4 times its own tare weight. And it can cope with a high variety of load carrier types: Tables, trolleys, racks and shelves with specifically customized dimensions can be handled.


  • Drives beneath the load
  • Shoulders the load
  • Safety system integrated
  • Elevation 60mm
  • Area saving behavior
  • Communication via W-LAN
  • Inductive power transmission
  • Free caster rolls
  • Navigation: – Contour navigation
  • Centralized fleet management
  • Dimensions:
    Height 340mm
    Length 1238mm
    Width 693mm
  • Minimum size of table 800x800mm
  • EMC designed
  • Weight balancing traction support
  • Payload 1.200kg