Franka Emika PANDA

PANDA is unique
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Franka Emika PANDA

Panda: The collaborative robot for everyone –
sensitive, interconnected, adaptive and cost-efficient.

Designed to work among humans
Lightweight and humanoid joints designed for flexible motion and high repeatability
Sensitive force feedback system design avoids collisions and can perform subtle movements
intuitive operation

Convenient for everybody
The interface is designed with a drag-and-drop design and can be learned in a short time.
Work software is easy to expand
Cloud connection control

High investment economic benefit
Competitive hardware and software, integration costs
Convenient and fast with existing equipment
Quickly copy the work of multiple robots through the network



  • Very low robot price
    Very low setup & integration costs
    Effortless multi-robot deployment


  • Browser based and platform independent
    Cloud connection to industry 4.0
    Global access to robot apps


  • Smartphone-like user experience
    Programming within minutes
    Modular and reusable robot apps


  • Lightweight structure with excellent precision
    Human-like sense of touch
    Intuitive multi-modal human-robot interaction



  • Desk is a robotic intuitive program development interface and control software.
  • Design an action program using an APP-like drag-and-drop approach
  • Desk can be executed directly in the browser, no additional hardware is required, and you can start working with a touch screen or keyboard.
  • For the initial setting of Robot, DESK teaches the user to complete the environment setting through the step by step dialogue, without the need for professional experience.
  • FRANK EMIKA provides an APP’s network database, which will grow with the increase of user applications. Users can connect to this platform to download different apps to achieve the work you want Robot to do.
  • The company can also share information among different users, different factories and different countries through this platform.




  • ARM
    The Arm is inspired by the agility of the human arm. It is a sensitve and extraordinarily versatle power tool. The torque sensors in all seven axes enable Panda to skillfully and delicately manipulate objects.
    The slim 19“ Control unit can be mounted in server racks or placed anywhere else. It connects Panda to the cloud or to your local shopfloor network.
    Pilot is the direct user interface on the Arm. It provides quick-butons to customize the Apps and toexecute their features in Desk.
  • HAND
    The Hand can grasp frmly and quickly for high performance and flexible pick and place. The fngers can be exchanged to optmally grasp a wide variety of objects.

**Please checkt the PDF file for more information.

  • Interactive
    Can be designed to interact with people or things around, such as: DJ or take instructions as directed
  • Loading and unloading
    Mechanically loaded and unloaded in a highly reproducible or dangerous working environment
  • Assembly
    Instead of manual assembly, such as: lock screws
  • Pick and place
    Because Robot has accurate power control, it can be used to make some fine pick and place actions.
  • Test
    Use Robot as a product quality test in the production line